Audew 300 Cigar Electric Humidor review

The roomy, sleek humidor is designed to house 225 cigars and features a fully integrated design that includes an LED dome light. The temperature range ranges from 64-86 degrees with the ability for it to be adjusted in one degree increments or ten Fahrenheit intervals depending on your preferences. It also comes equipped with humidity control so you don't have any worries about damaging your collection of prized smokes! 

There are three levels of humidity inside so one part can have 65% while another has 85%. So if you are a cigar aficionado, this is the humidor for you. With plenty of room and features that make it ideal for storage, your cigars will stay fresh with its integrated dome light and temperature range to keep them in perfect condition no matter what time of year!

Audew 300 unit

Additional drawers 

Audew 150 unit