Audew jc-23c1 electronic cigar cooler humidor holds 150 - Audew
Audew jc-23c1 electronic cigar cooler humidor holds 150 - Audew
Audew jc-23c1 electronic cigar cooler humidor holds 150 - Audew

Audew jc-23c1 electronic cigar cooler humidor holds 150

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    Audew JC-23C1

    Electronic Cigar Cooler Humidor Spanish Cedar Wood 150 Capacity


    When you start collecting cigars, you must have done a lot of research on how to store them properly. A cigar cooler that provides temperature adjustment will provide a good environment for your cigar collection. Proper maintenance of cigars can be stored longer and better quality. If too dry, the cigar will chapped. If too moist, the cigar will moldy.

    If you are a professional cigar collector, hope that you can share more of your collection experience with us in the comments and provide advice for more cigar lovers. Share experience to gain more experience.

    Important Information Of Cigars Cooler

    ✔Best for summer use, but if you set the right temperature for it based on the ambient temperature, it can also be used in all weather.

    ✔No heating, cause excessive temperatures can damage your cigar. The adjustable temperature on the panel is from 54°F to 74°F. The ideal temperature for storing cigars is 65°F and 75°F (18°C and 23°C)

    ✔Using Semiconductor Refrigeration Technology (Peltier Effect). The internal cabinet temperature is affected by the set temperature and ambient temperature.

    ✔The internal humidity is affected by the internal temperature and the water box.

    Maintenance Recommendations

    Keep a certain distance from the wall to provide sufficient heat dissipation space, please read the instruction manual for details.

    The dust filter behind the product recommends periodic cleaning.

    If you have any trouble during use, please read the instruction(page 8-9), or turn to us for help.


    The storage of cigars is a difficult investment. Each original storage environment is different. The uncertain ambient temperature and humidity add to the difficulty. Cigar cooler only can reduces some uncertain environmental factors for you, but please don't ignore your cigars after putting them in the cigar cooler. For this investment, you need periodic monitoring. So, start choosing a cooler for your cigar now.

    Long-distance logistics has uncertain factors. The product contains fragile components such as glass. In order to provide customers with a good product, we are constantly improving the packaging to meet this transportation problem. If you receive a damaged product, please let us know, we will be responsible for the product.

    Package Includes
    1 x Cigars Cooler 
    1 x Moisture Container
    1 x Instruction