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Don Salvatore Carosello 50 Cigar Humidor - Mariano Shop

Don Salvatore Carosello 50 Cigar Humidor

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Why Buy From Mariano Shop

Simple. Sophisticated. Classy. The don Salvatore carosello 50-cigar humidor doesn't need to tell you any jokes. It doesn't have to try to impress you or fit in. It's the strong, silent type. Oh, wait. No it's not - it freak in' spins! it spins!! okay, let's switch gears. The don Salvatore carosello 50-cigar humidor is definitely classy, but it's also got a neat feature that just makes it too much darn fun to use. Just imagine it. You bring a new business prospect down to your smoke lounge (your house has one of those, right?). You head over to your new tabletop humidor and invite said prospect to have a seat. "Which one?" He says, wondering if placement will affect his ability to peruse your cigar collection. "Any one, " you say, with a devilish twinkle in your eye. Not understanding, he takes a seat. You ask him if he'd like a cigar. When he says, "sure" and starts to stand up, you motion for him to sit down. "Watch, " you say. And then you spin it, pop the top and pull your hand across the selection of cigars with a flourish. At that point, the deal is pretty much sealed. (Either that or your kids won't leave this thing alone. We're not sure which it will be.) Anyhow, the don Salvatore carosello 50-cigar humidor features a high-lacquer cherry finish and an external hygrometer, so you can check on the status of your sticks whenever you like. Inside, you'll find a quality humidifier (as opposed to an old dish sponge that the manufacturer's mother-in-law finally got tired of) and Spanish cedar lined trays. With a divider snugly in position, you can keep different flavors separate and ensure that your collection is neatly stored. But let's get back to the rotating base. You're going to love spinning this thing. No more humidor scratch marks on your tabletop as you push it from end to end or reposition it. Instead, it's just smooth rotating action. You're gunna love it.

  • High lacquer cherry finish
  • Rotating base
  • Spanish cedar
  • Premium humidification
  • Hygrometer